Bendida released debut album

Bulgarian Symphonic Metal band *Bendida *released their debut
album “Goddess of the Moon”. The album was recorded at "Zero Project
Studio" and mixed/mastered by Vladimir Bochev.

The band was formed in 2008 at Sofia, Bulgaria by Vinnie Atanasov. At the
beginning of 2012 the band released debut single "The Farthest Shore" and
in 2014 released their second single "Prince of Ice" and an official video
clip for the song. The band lyrics tell stories about mythology, legends,
ancient gods, mystical creatures and some are based on fantasy literature.


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Hoofmark - Stoic Winds

Hoofmark navigates through lo-fi waters and, in addition to other predicates, its black/punk + country blend is the great attraction of "Stoic Winds". There are nine tracks and about 50 minutes of unconventional and unlabeled sound. Forget about black metal-related commonplaces and enjoy this meal that has ingredients as important and seminal as Bathory, NWOBHM, old-Sepultura, Johnny Cash, among other striking references.

1. Yours Should be a Heavy Casket
2. Amongst a Sea of Darkness
3. Stoic Winds
4. Dust Trails
5. Dust Trails Blazing
6. An Arrow Long Due
7. From the Foot of God's Throne
8. Horror Maximus
9. Hoofmarks

It pays to listen to a work like this, you become when listening to the tracks.
The tracks are already on the radio programming exmera.

Credits: Cátia Cunha
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Metalsteel - Beyond The Stars

Slovenian heavy metal band *Metalsteel launcheda new studio album entitled »Beyond The Stars« via On Parole
Productions on December 9th 2017.

Metalsteel is a Slovenian heavy metal institution with its own identity
which combines raw agression with melodic and progressive structures. Their
striking metal is manifested on seven albums including their latest most
fierce and sophisticated release Beyond The Stars which is a conceptual
album. The concept is about Extraterrestrial civilisations who descended on
Earth in order to rise the spiritual awareness of mankind and interfere in
the process of humanity's evolution.

Beyond The Stars is the seventh album from the band. It pushes further
the boundaries of the band and opens new chapter in their musical opus. All
members of the band have recorded the album simultaneously, resulting in an
organic sound that is consistently embedded into modern production.
Metalsteel are combining raw aggression with melodic arrangements. This
forms homogenous mixture of striking metal with progressive elements and
guitar and vocal harmonies. Beyond The Stars combines simplicity and
technical perfection with the recording method rarely used these days and
superb production.

In their career they have played numerous shows in Europe and also
performed with James Rivera (Helstar, Distant Thunder, Malice). They have
also shared the stage with legendary metal acts such as Saxon, W.A.S.P.,
Helloween etc.

Metalsteel are also the first Slovenian metal band who performed with
Slovenian symphony orchestra and choir, performed for the Slovenian victims
of Holocaust and appeared in Toyota commercial along with their own song.
They have also written and recorded the official anthem for the MetalDays
Festival in 2015.

 Track List for »Beyond The Stars«:
01. Lama Rabi Alardi Dini Endavur Esa Kunis Alim
02. Transhuman
03. Anu
04. Council Of 9
05. Stargods
06. Beyond The Stars
07. Vrillon
08. Materialist No More
09. Astral Traveller
10. The End Of The World

Metalsteel have also released a video for their song »The End Of The World«
from their new full-length album Beyond The Stars:

Beni Kic - vocals, guitars
Rok Tomšič - guitars
Matej Sušnik - bass
Daša Trampuš - drums

Credits: Bojan Bidovc
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WorldFall released debut album

American Power/Thrash Metal band *WorldFall *released their debut
full-length album  “False Salvation”. The album was recorded, engineered,
produced, and mastered by Giovanni Angel, and mixed by his brother Stephano

*WorldFall *is a one-man band formed in 2014 by Colombian guitarist and
vocalist Carlos Cordoba at Miramar, Florida. On July 2017, the band
released their debut single called “Never Fade Away”.

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Satanic-Architecture of Chaos

SATANIC are a band from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada spawned from the alliance of three evil souls obsessed with old school Metal. “Architecture Of Chaos” contains 8 musky, hasty, and of the most fervent Death Metal tunes in the history of the genre. Death Metal with lyrical themes as: war, satanism, conspiracies worldwide.

SATANIC are without a shadow of a dought Architecture of Chaos’s darkest. Most sinister and brutal work to date. And in this case it comes to means that the band has gone from the utterly extreme to the genre expanding and mind-boggling.

The band’s first full lenght debut release 2017 “Architecture Of Chaos” decide to suck out the fierciest and most potent energies from every single member and surrounding, chanelling it into songs that are pulsating with uncanny atmospheres, rawness and nerve shattering intensity.

Satanic are three guys from Trois-Rivieres in Quebec. We have Martin Carle on the drums, Guillame Petit on guitar and vocals and finally, Izaac Beaudoin on bass and vocals. Recorded at Sam’s Studio in 2016 by S. Landry.


SERENITY IN FIRE: banda divulga primeiro single de obra conceitual

Banda divulga primeiro single de obra conceitual

A banda mineira de brutal thrash metal SERENITY IN FIRE esta divulgando o primeiro single da obra conceitual REFINEMENTS OF CRUELTY, a musica se chama PSYCHO DAUGHTER.
O conceito do novo lançamento são os crimes violentos que chocaram o país, e que ganharam grande destaque na mídia, por suas características surpreendentes e ou brutais.
PSYCHO DAUGHTER te leva de volta a cena dos acontecimentos de um chocante caso ocorrido na cidade de São Paulo, em que uma adolescente assassinou os próprios pais enquanto eles dormiam.

A obra REFINEMENTS OF CRUELTY não vai relatar os casos de acordo com a ótica dos criminosos ou das vítimas, mas sim a visão da investigação e dos inquéritos policiais, baseados nos fatos.
O material esta disponível nas principais plataformas e app’s de musica, seja para streaming ou download, algumas musicas ganharão vídeo clipes, e o formato físico da obra pode acontecer ao final do lançamento de todos os sons digitais.

Capa do single PSYCHO DAUGHTER


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