Anarkhon - Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple - (Lyric Video)

Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple was taken from the upcoming self-titled album released via Soul Erazer Records. Pre-Order here: Facebook: Bandcamp: Recorded at Dark Paradise Recordings São Paulo/ Brazil Vídeo made by Wanderley Perna!!


Crushing Force released debut EP

American Melodic Death Metal band *Crushing Force *released their debut EP
«Remnants of Devastation». The release was recorded/mixed and mastered by
Bill Tash at "Tash Studios".

Crushing Force was formed in 2016 at Rochester, New York by Bill Rotach

(guitar, bass, drums) as a one man band. The band originally started out as
instrumental background music for video games, but then turned their texts
to the war, destruction and post apocalypse theme.

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OzNor released new single

Slovakian Heavy Metal band *OzNor *released their new single «Rouse» from

the upcoming new album. The single was recorded, produced, engineered and
mixed by Norbert Ozogany at "Oznor Studio".

*OzNor *was formed in 2019 in Samorin, Slovakia by Norbert Ozogany as a
one-man instrumental studio project. The band released their debut album
"Stormbringer" in 2019 and now work on the second album that will be
released in 2020.

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Rusted Nail released new single

Russian Melodic Death Metal band *Rusted Nail *released their new single

«Jack» from their upcoming new album that will be released this year on
"Patriot Label". The single was recorded by Dmitry Belousov at "Old Factory
Studio", and mixed/mastered by Max Gerasinev.

*Rusted Nail *was formed in 2013 in Moscow, Russia by Vadim Matveev
(guitars) and Sergey Ivanov (keyboards). In 2017 Alexander Kuzovkov
(vocals), Dmitry Klimov (guitars), Dmitry Lvov (bass) and Roman Koshelev
(drums) joined the band and the lineup was completed. In 2019 the band
released its debut EP "Deviation" which is also available in "Patriot
Label" music store.

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Credits: GlobMetal Promotions