Hoofmark - Stoic Winds

Hoofmark navigates through lo-fi waters and, in addition to other predicates, its black/punk + country blend is the great attraction of "Stoic Winds". There are nine tracks and about 50 minutes of unconventional and unlabeled sound. Forget about black metal-related commonplaces and enjoy this meal that has ingredients as important and seminal as Bathory, NWOBHM, old-Sepultura, Johnny Cash, among other striking references.

1. Yours Should be a Heavy Casket
2. Amongst a Sea of Darkness
3. Stoic Winds
4. Dust Trails
5. Dust Trails Blazing
6. An Arrow Long Due
7. From the Foot of God's Throne
8. Horror Maximus
9. Hoofmarks

It pays to listen to a work like this, you become when listening to the tracks.
The tracks are already on the radio programming exmera.

Credits: Cátia Cunha
Posting: SRWINS

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