Thurisaz: 'Live & Acoustic' CD/DVD revealed! 16/12/2014

The Belgian atmospheric black/death metal band THURISAZ and their label Slesazy Rider Records have set January 24th of 2015 as release-date for their new upcoming CD/DVD entitled 'Thurisaz: Live & Acoustic'. The cover artwork and track listing can be seen below.

The band has the following to say about 'Thurisaz: Live & Acoustic': "Thurisaz has always been more than just heavy songs with distorted guitars, growls and screams... There has always been a  more softer and emotional side to Thurisaz... Often acoustic songs with mainly clean vocals and emotional lyrics. We never wanted to play those songs live before, because we felt that playing them amongst the heavier songs wouldn't do them justice. But throughout the years we realised that a lot of the fans also appreciate this other side of Thurisaz. That's why, in september 2013, we decided it was time for a new challenge: an acoustic show with all the songs we didn't play before. We didn't want to bring the songs too literally, we wanted to add something special that would raise the songs a few levels. The aim was to bring a total experience, in a cool venue, with live projections, an awesome lightshow and of course additional strings. It was also a chance to pay hommage to the bands that influenced us throughout the years. It took us 9 months of hard work, but in the end we gave birth to something beautiful that made it all worthwhile... "

'Thurisaz: Live & Acoustic' track listing:

1. Symbols
2. Interlude I
3. Years Of Silence
4. Finality (Woods Of Ypres cover)
5. Never To Return
6. A Natural Disaster (Anathema cover)
7. Inner Voices
8. Interlude II
9. Broken
10. Fading Dreams
11. My Kantele (Amorphis cover)
12. Past Perfect

The CD/DVD was recorded and filmed in front of a live audience and with a choir on the 1st of March 2014 at a sold-out show in 'GC Forum' in Wervik, the band's hometown.

Special Guests: Els Blieck: vocals, Inge Van De Wiele: violin, Lore Van Loock: violin, Gudrun Bovyn: cello

Filmed by Jo Geysen and Christophe Blomme
Directed and edited by Jo Geysen
Sound recording and mixing by Nik Mettez and Peter Theuwen
Lights by Daan Vermote
Video projections by Jeroen Bille 
The first single 'A Natural Disaster' (Anathema cover) can be streamed through Youtube

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