Band: "Brave"
Album: "The Last Battle" - 2012
Genre: Brazilian Power-Heavy metal
Country: Brazil
Director: Adriano Gomez
Release: January 2013

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Brave's band would like to thank:

To Our families, our friends and fans over the world..
To Adriano Gomez,for the support, for all staff "Ordo Draconis Belli" (Great job)..
Mauricio Nogueira and all staff "Aquarela Records", Shirlei Galano and Mariana Nogueira,for the patience,and of City Araçoiaba da Serra, in particular the Department of Culture of Araçoiaba da Serra-São Paulo-Brazil
And for all the people that help us to make true this video ... and believed in our dreams..
Thank you everybody..

BRAVE are:

Luis Domingos - All Vocals
Jica Thor - Guitars
Ricardo Carbonero - Bass
Carlos Alexgrave - Drums


Canal do YouTube:
Sound Cloud:

Adriano Gomez
(11) 96573-8241

The Last Battle...

This is a song for across all the land
the land of darkness
the cruel search for light men will die
and mens will fight
dripping death to whet the bloodthristy
the bomberboys
starting climb into the sky

This is a song, for cross all the seas
soldiers in a battle
triumph than tailgunner
the weather
forecasts good for war
gonna blow
your guts out with my sword

They're coming over the hill - for the last battle
They're coming in for to kill - in the last battle
They have come into the night - for the last battle
They have come to win or to die - in the last battle

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