Review Wacken 2016

Report: Leonel dos Santos de Jesus

Once again the Radio Exmera team was present in the metal land for excellent coverage.
Just 80,000 metalheads gathered in one place. You have to see, feel and believe, because it is a fantastic experience.

The size of the festival is always an absurd thing, as it grows every day more and with first-rate bands where they can be enjoyed with a beautiful beer.
Of course, I could not stop talking about Metal Marketing, because it's like the Disneyland of metal. There I found an incredible variety of CDs, T-shirts, boots (especially leather boots, "If it rains, you're screwed!"), Vinyl, leather products, food and alcohol.

I myself was able to participate in sword fights in the Viking area.
Wacken began on Wednesday, August 3 and mainly stages around the Wacken Metal Battle - a competition of world bands that reunites a band from each of the 40 participating countries.

Some bands, such as Battle Beast, Hammercult, Torture Squad from São Paulo - Brazil, have all signed recording arrangements based on this competition. And while there are 5 steps in action on Wednesday.

On Thursday, August 4, the two main stages were opened. The Black Stage stage received most of the bands, including the magnificent Saxon, Foreigner and Whitesnake, but the only band to perform on the True Metal Stage was the great Iron Maiden leaving everyone breathless on "The Book of Souls" .

Friday, August 5 was a true heavy metal attack. I could list every band that played, but here are the bands that I could honor: Entombed AD, Loudness, Axel Rudi Pell, Blind Guardian and Testament, Tarja, Ogan Order, Girlschool, Beynd the Black, Hansen (Kai Hansen from Gamma Ray ) And Friends, Unisonic, Sebastien, Sebastien and Ihsahn.

However, the biggest problem with wanting to see many bands is that two of them may be playing at the same time on different stages and you will have to choose.

Saturday August 6 was the big day and unfortunately where it all ended. Dragon Force, Bionicle, Therion, Symphony X, Metal Church, Steel Panther, Twisted Sister, Dio Disciples Feat, Therion, Snowy Shaw, Gloryhammer, Arch Enemy and Serious Black.

It really did not get to put all the bands I wanted to see, so I left a space for the next bands in 2017, because the Exmera radio will be back for another great coverage.

See you in Wacken 2017!
Post: Leonel dos Santos de Jesus

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