SKELETOON were born in 2007, as a Helloween (Kiske era) Tribute Band, by the Singer "TOMI FOOLER", under the previous name "JACK o' LANTERN". After a long period playing live over italian stages & shows, with different changes in original line-up, TOMI decided to record his own music, sharing studio with many musicians he knew during live shows with the band.
"THE CURSE OF THE AVENGER" was born in 2015, with a sound half way between german Power Metal an a Classic Heavy, maintaining the original Mood of Making Fun of everything, as much as possible. "HAPPY METAL MUSIC" can be a right definition of their Sound.THE CURSE OF THE AVENGER, is written as it was a real, nowadays "NERD" Secret Diry, telling all the struggling battles a Geek has to Challenge in everyday Life, not forgetting to quote some typical "clue" like 80's Videogames (Title Track is dedicated to the Lucas Art Masterpiece "THE CURSE OF MONKEY ISLAND"), Superheroes Movies or Tv Series like "THE DOCTOR WHO".
Their first Album saw participations of Great Musicians like ROLAND GRAPOW from MASTERPLAN, DIMITRI MELONI from ENSIGHT and CHARLIE DHO, from THE FALLEN ANGEL, while Mixing and Mastering have been developed by Mr. DENNIS WARD (UNISONIC, PINK CREAM 69).


Label:  Revalve Records
Release Date:  5 February 2016
Genre:  Prog Death Metal
Country:  Italy

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