WEAK – Into The Night

While WEAK has published several EPs in the recent years and played lots of concerts and festivals, WOODHOUSE Records is now finally releasing their debut full-length album, "Dark Desires". The first concert is already confirmed for September 06, 2015, in Leipzig at the Nocturnal Culture Night Festival (NCN 2015) together with acts such as Project Pitchfork or Oomph. The title “Into The Night” is the first single from the album, which has 11 tracks in total.

The album reveals many facets of their musical personalities, the goth rock, the heavier and the melodic, the atmospheric, the industrial and the glamorous. Great attitude, up-tempo songs and catchy choruses will take hold of you from beginning to the very last second. Favorite tracks include "Into The Night", "Jede Nacht", "The Devil‘s Rose", "Folge Mir" or "Wolfmoon", perfect for any moonlight dinner or dark wave party. If you’re into mysterious, thrilling, passionate and spooky atmospheres with deep hypnotic vocals you’ll love "Dark Desires" as a brilliant masterpiece for all creatures of the night. Produced by the renowned Siggi Bemm in Woodhouse Studios (The Gathering, Tiamat, The Kovenant,...) .

WEAK stands for cutting guitar riffs, atmospheric keys, grooving beats, and expressive and emotional vocals. The band has been around in the music business for quite some time and has already released a number of tracks. They’ve rocked lots of stages to boot, and even won several awards at festivals and contests such as a band presentation on 1LIVE radio and the second place at the Europe-wide DRUM demo listening session. WEAK also played as support act for bands such as DORO, Axxis, 4Lyn, Sportfreunde Stiller, Emil Bulls, and many more.
Comparisons with genre-related acts are viewed calmly and seen as positive by the band: "We don't have a problem with that, hehe, just the opposite is true. We think that statements such as "we do not fit into a specific genre" are almost always inappropriate, they don’t apply in 99% of the cases or the musical result is just about unbearable ;). But of course we also try to define some unique selling points for us – maybe something like "old school goth rock pimped with modern tunes" ... For the future we clearly wish to perform our music live. There is nothing better than to rock a stage, enthrall people with our music, and to have a really great time doing it. This is exactly why we make music".

The very first song is now released on YouTube https://youtu.be/FKhHHQVLaiA

The album release of "Dark Desires" is set for September 11, 2015 digitally via Woodhouse Records. For further updates and live dates visit www.facebook.com/WEAK.Band 

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