SINNERATOR - The World Being Led To Death (Single - 2014)

SINNERATOR - The Sin Machine!!!
(Rock N' Roll)

The World Being Led To Death (Single/2014)

Arthur Hertel -- Vocal/Bass
André Monges -- Guitars
Uesclei Domingos -- Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ney Villan
Criciúma/SC -- Brazil -- November/2013
Cover Art by Gil Souza (Dragão Tattoo Studio)
Music and Lyrics by SINNERATOR


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The World's Being Led to Death

You narrow your people's sight
Choose what they can see
Hide and bury the truth
No other choice to be free

You cut your people's legs
For them to stand still
Put them wherever you want
Make them became ill

Lying with a smile on the face
Preventing the innocents to progress
Leaving the people in misery
Teaching to wait for "god's bless"

Thousands of years deep in lies and wars
We can't hold, no more

The world being led to death
We are led to hell
The world is without breath
Hear the final bell

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