ELETRIKA was founded in 1998 by Claudio David (founder and leader of OVERDOSE, one of the pillars of the Brazilian Heavy Metal) with the initial proposal of playing an Industrial sound sung in Portuguese. By the time of the launch of its debut album, the band stood out in the prestigious Festival of the Brazilian Music, sponsored and broadcast by Rede Globo, one of the biggest television networks in the world. Eletrika’s astonishing performance at that festival was crucial to its history. The band was invited to provide two songs as soundtracks to some of Globo’s most popular soap operas. After countless tours in promotion to the debut, the band had some line-up changes, which resulted in the band shaping its sound towards a heavier rock approach and then recording the “V.S.F” album and its international version, called “S.O.B”. After many gigs in Brazil and a fifteen-day French tour, EletriKa topped it off its S.O.B CD promotion tour, playing the HellFest (ex-Fury Fest), most famous French Rock/Metal festival, along with Soulfly, Testament, Life Kit, Fear Factory and Slipknot, among others. In 2009, EletriKa adds a new turn to its run, marked by the recording of the “Zombie Factory” song. That tune - which was meant to present the band’s new singer, Ney Melo, to the audiences - happened to quickly become an Internet hit, praised by both web radio DJs and their listeners, with high rotation play on several websites and indie radio stations, what has arisen the interest from several labels, whose proposals and record deals have been put into careful appreciation by the band staff. Meanwhile, the band has been offering its fans a limited amount of free downloads of Eletrika’s new line-up own version to 2005’s S.O.B album, re-baptized as "V3.1beta", which is expected to be soon released in the U.S and worldwide. Just a few tiny final circuits are still left to be tied before Eletrika reaches all the corners of the world!

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